Deep Cleaning


When You Need Some Extra Cleaning Labor

The deep cleaning process for offices and buildings is usually selected upon an initial set up of a routine account, move-in, move-out, quarterly or bi-annual basis. The reason why, is because it’s a thorough clean that ALL areas of your facility including non-common areas usually not reached during the routine cleaning.

    • From Ceiling to Floor, We Got you Covered: We start from the top down. Our team begins with high dusting and cleaning of your ceiling, lighting fixtures, vent covers, door frames. These are areas that collect dust and cobwebs can build-up over time, but can be quite a significant eye sore and unhealthy to breathe in.
    • Next Up: The walls and furniture. Our cleaning technicians wipe down (and can even disinfect) the walls and all horizontal and vertical surfaces on your furniture. This includes moving some furniture around to get behind furniture, desks. (You would be AMAZED as the dust bunnies living there!)
    • Finally, the flooring: Once the contents of the room are cleaned, the floor is vacuumed using a high-powered, portable HEPA-filtered unit. If selected and/or applicable, clients can select carpet shampooing and extraction package for carpeting or machine scrubbing for their tile floor.
    • For Kitchens and Bathrooms: Machine Scrubbing is a very popular and common option to choose here. The reason why, is because discoloration is common as these are areas that see the most foot traffic in a home. Be sure to ask about our grout cleaning process, too.
    • The Result: Is a SPARKLING, CLEAN home that will truly impress and make you feel AMAZING.

Each deep cleaning package is tailored to the specific needs and condition of your home. If you’re in need of a special or seasonal deep clean, contact us today.