Your Trusted Vendor for the FINAL CLEAN

As a property developer, you work hard and stress over every detail of your project. Once the final finishing are installed and the other vendors move out, it is time to scrub away of the dust, dirt and over-spray that is often evident leaving a dirty look and feel. That’s where we come in.

We access the space, listen to your requests and work hand-in-hand with you to exceed your expectations. It’s our job to present a sparkling space ready for your clients. Partnering with an experienced cleaning company like ours is important for success and client satisfaction in your industry. Our trained cleaning crews focus on the following areas, ensuring that all surfaces requested are treated properly.

Starting from the Top
Ceiling: Complete dust and wipe down of all lighting fixtures, signage, ceiling tiles/mill-work, metal vent coverings. We even carefully remove any remaining tape.

Down to the Sides
Walls: Full wipe down, and spot treatment. We look for an remove any excess caulking, paint over spray and remaining adhesives if present.

Shine Through!
Windows & Glass: We ensure smooth, transparent, streak-free results every time.

Can’t forget about the Furniture!
Furniture & Cabinetry: We vacuum, dust and wipe down every inch of the cabinet, draw and surface possible.

Time to hit the floors!
Carpeting: From stain removal shampooing and vacuuming, we treat it all
Flooring: Need to strip and wax, or buff and polish? We understand how to treat various forms of vinyl and stone to ensure that the result is shiny, beautiful and flawless

Common Areas
Restrooms: Full cleaning of all restroom facilities including flooring, polishing stainless steel, sanitizing and disinfecting

Site Management: Our staff always have an on-site manager that is leading the project. We value open communication between our staff, management and clients
We are excited to build a relationship with you. Contact Us today.