Carpet Cleaning


Clean The Carpet Under Your Seat & Feet

True Fact: Carpets can retain over 4 TIMES its weight in dirt?! GROSS!

If that’s not enough to make you want break out a vacuum, and get to cleaning, we’re not sure what is.

Carpets are known to add a warm, and even luxurious element to any business or home property. In the commercial setting, and they are used often in main hallways, conference rooms, and even private offices. The kicker is that they take some serious abuse by your shoes, chairs, coffee, spilled lunches, etc. Within 3 months from install, they can start to show discoloration and project unwanted odors. So how do you maintain them properly?

When you partner with us, you can expect an experienced team who is equipped with the latest machinery and techniques to treat all of your commercial carpet projects.

Here is How It’s Done:

  • We Use High-Powered, HEPA Filtered Vacuums: We use a high powered, HEPA filter vacuum will not only suck up any of the loose lying dust, dirt and debris that is usually on the surface or mid-level into the carpeting, but it will also minimize or completely eliminate any contaminated air coming out of the machine.
  • We Specialize in Steam Cleaning: Our steam cleaning process is sure to amaze as it digs really deep into the carpet and quickly extract any unwanted dirt and grime. You can literally see the dirt get pulled away!

*Steam powered vacuums are SAFE and effective as they utilize hot water and there is no need to apply dangerous solutions or harmful chemicals.  Steam Cleaning is very popular in offices and businesses that cater to people with allergies, children and pets.

  • “Get that Spot Over There!”: We train our technicians to focus heavily on obvious spots that need extra attention. If the use are chemicals are recommended, we will assess the situation and guide you in the right direction.

It’s time to enjoy your carpeting the way it was intended! Call us today to keep your carpets clean and spotless!