Deodorizing Services


Now Here is a Service that Definitely Doesn’t Stink!

As cleaning professionals, we often get askes to minimize or completely eradicate a certain stench in a home or office.  This can be the result of animals living in a particular room, a spill of a certain food or oil in the carpeted floor, or even if you just want to filter the air your space.

Clean the Space: Our technicians start by performing a full deep clean of the area.  This can include inside and outside of appliances, cabinetry, deep scrubbing of floors, windows, carpet cleaning, etc. The goal here is to eliminate any obvious dirt and grime that may be contributing to the problem.

Air Purifiers: An optional add-on to the deep cleaning package is to run air purifiers. This will continuously filter the air, removing over 97% of pathogens that are floating around.  It will also soak up the smell in the air – trapping it in our HEPA filters.

Scents: If requested, we can implement special scents that will give you that “clean smell.” Interested in ongoing flowing scents in your commercial space? Let us know!

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