Electrostatic Disinfection Spray

Electrostatic Disinfection Spray

The Most Efficient Way To Kill Dangerous Germs & Bacteria

**We are fully equipped and ready to assist you with your covid-19 cleaning and disinfection needs**

Electrostatic disinfection spraying is the most efficient and effective process to kill all dangerous germs and bacteria on your common surfaces.

This process allows us to apply positively charged disinfectant molecules onto any surface In your home or office.  Since it is electrically charged, it has the capability to fully wrap around all areas of the surface efficiently.  The bond of the solution to the surface is stronger than gravity.

Now you can allow the disinfectant to reach the hardest areas possible such as in-between fabric lining, keyboard keys, deep crevices of a door knob, toys and even sporting equipment. This is where germs love to manifest and thrive.

We have partnered with innovative companies from all over the world to utilize their patented technology on a daily basis to guarantee that our client’s facilities are being treated properly. We can prove the effectiveness of this process by conducting ATP testing and reporting, and will provide a daily report to our clients.

Who Needs Electrostatic Spray? This application was once seen as a daily a necessity in high-germ establishments as schools and hospitals. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic active, EVERYONE is applying this process in order to minimize any risk of infection on their most commonly used surfaces.

Areas treated include but are not limited to:

  • Countertops & Desktops
  • Phones and Keyboards
  • Door knobs and Levers
  • Light switches and Elevator Panels
  • Chairs and Armrests
  • Kitchen Countertops (nonfood raw prep areas)
  • Bathrooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • And More!

We have used these units in to apply safe, natural effective disinfectant in hospitals, and green disinfectant in schools. It can even combat mold during the remediation process on construction sites.  The applications are endless.

The Benefits of Electrostatic Spray

  • Saves Time & Money
  • Combats dangerous disease, pathogens, bacteria and contamination such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Norovirus, Coxsackievirus, Candida Auris, Measles, Influenza and more!
  • Minimizes dwell time
  • Reduces risk of spreading illness through cross-contamination
  • Portable equipment allows us to treat almost anywhere
  • Assists in sterilization of your area within 10 minutes or less

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