High Dusting


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One day, you’ll walk into your office and/or building and realize that everything looks a little duller. The lights seem a little less bright, the exit sign is a little fuzzy and the beams look like they haven’t been touched in a while. This is the moment when you realize that you’re in need of a high dusting session, (and probably a deep clean, too).

Dust travels rapidly throughout the air on a daily basis. The more traffic in an area, the more dust will move and accumulate on stagnant objects. The constant daily flow and air movement of an office typically results in dust build-up accumulating on exposed beams and ducts, lighting fixtures, door frames, shelving units, desktops, and on the tops of filing cabinets and cubicles.

Our team is trained to safely reach these hard-to-reach areas and remove all of the unwanted dust. We utilize OSHA compliant step ladders coupled with portable backpack HEPA filtered vacuums and extension poles. We recommend incorporating your high dusting in a quarterly deep clean for your office.

If employees in your office are susceptible to dust allergies, you may want to include it in our weekly packages or routine cleaning. Contact us today to get started.