Upholstery Cleaning


Don't Neglect Your Upholstered Furniture

Many homes and offices have some sort of upholstered furniture that is used daily. Whether it is a backing or cushion of a chair, and entire couch or even a custom footstool, the odds are it cost a pretty penny and provides a certain design element to your space.

More often than not, we see these surfaces get abused and stained. The result? Nobody wants to use them because they are now unattractive, dirty and makes you feel uneasy.

We suggest consulting with our cleaning technicians in order to put together a plan to tackle upholstered furniture.  We often apply cleaning and extraction method in our high-powered, portable units to tackle jobs of all sizes.

Whether it is as needed, or part of your routine cleaning program with us, we want to ensure that all of your surfaces look their best at all times.

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